Thursday, February 13, 2014

Digital Citizenship

What do I know about this topic?
These days, many people learn new information from the internet. This is possible because of digital citizenship, but there are many problems related to digital citizenship because of copy and paste. Many students copy and paste information from the internet rather than thinking about the problem themselves or writing in their own words. This affects their education because they can't develop their thinking or writing skills. Also, hacking is a big problem as well. Some sites have viruses in them, but they pretend to have many information about a topic in the outside, which are aimed at the students or workers who need a big amount of information.

What about?
Digital footprint: I think digital footprint is not a very good idea, because it is like you are getting spied, even private information, when you don't notice it. This is somewhat hacking your daily life, and this might affect your whole life, for example when someone tracks you by digital footprint and spreads false information about you.

I think the video was right about "If you don't say it in person, why say it online? Delete cyber bully". People usually don't talk about a person's weakness in front of them, but they say it online with comments. When someone says this in front of many people, others would say bad things about that person, but if someone says it online, no one actually cares about it.

I used to think that digital citizenship was about what we need to do online, and that it only had positive effects since it's rules we have to obey too. Now I think it's more of what we can do online, like digital footprint, and that it causes many negative effects. My thinking changed because I saw many videos explaining the negative faces of digital citizenship. The first thing that came up in my mind was that the videos were very creepy, especially digital footprint. It actually made me think that the internet is a bad thing, because it can tell your private information to someone, even to who you don't know.

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