Sunday, March 30, 2014

PFL A reflection

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In PFL A, I think I improved in saying numbers in Portuguese. In the beginning of the quarter, I knew smaller numbers well, but I always got confused with bigger numbers, for example, 937. However, after we did the loja project, which was making our own money, and selling and buying things on our site, I got to be more fluent with saying bigger numbers. Also, I learned more phrases that I can use when I sell or buy things such as "É muito caro (It is very expensive)" or "Vou comprar (I'm going to buy this)". I think I learned many things related to daily life and useful this quarter.
The project that I most enjoyed was the loja project that I mentioned before. It was fun to make our own loja (shop), and sell and buy things from other group's loja. Although me and my partner did not have good teamwork and couldn't earn much money, it was a really fun project and I liked that I could convince my friends to buy from my shop, or my friends convincing me to buy from theirs. It was very helpful as well, because we could only speak Portuguese and that was challenging, which helped me learn a lot of things, like the phrases I wrote before.

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