Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Population Density Analysis

     Overall, Haiti had the greatest population density, followed by Thailand, then Chile with the least. It was very surprising because I thought Chile would have the biggest, since Chile is the most wealthy country from my three countries, as it is the only OECD country from the three countries I chose. Also, I thought Haiti would have the least population density because in the last infographic, Haiti happened to have the shortest life expectancy.

     I think Haiti had the greatest population density because it has a high poverty rate. I heard that although poor people die faster with lack of food supplies and a lot of labor, each family gets many children so that they can have more people to work and earn money. Also, Haiti is a nation located on an island, so I think it would be hard, especially for poor people who don't have enough money for marine transportation, to get out of the island once they have entered it.

     To add, I think Chile has the least population density because of its climate. In the northern part of Chile, it is normally very hot because of the Atacama desert. On the other hand, it is very cold in the southern part because it is very close to Antarctica. I think these climates will make it difficult for the citizens to live. Also, Chile is one of the most well-known victims of the earthquake. I think this affects the population density because every year many Chilean citizens are dying from severe earthquakes.

     Lastly, Thailand ranked second from my three countries, and in my opinion I think it had a quite big population density as well, ranking 83 in the world. I think this is because Thailand has a very successful agriculture, especially for cassava and pineapples, each ranking second in the world. I think the variety and the large amount of food attracts many people such as farmers, which ends up with a large population.

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  1. Hyejune,
    I thought your post was very detailed and descriptive. I really loved how you described every country's population and population density and also your thoughts before and after knowing what they were. This added different viewpoints for the reader to think about. One thing I think you could have explained is exactly what "OECD" is. You said in your post that you thought Chile would have the largest population density because it was the wealthiest of your three countries. The thing I would have though about is how big the area of the country is. Chile has the largest area of the three, thus giving the people more space meaning that that everything is less dense. Overall your post was great and would be a great example of an excellent post.