Thursday, April 10, 2014

Reflection on My Infographics

In geography, I liked making the infographics. Before, I mainly used prezi for my projects in my old school. However, now I use infographics much more than prezi. I liked using "" and making infographics using the data we learned in geography. It was very unique because I never thought of using visual presentations in this subject. Because I enjoyed this, I was able to get good grades. I enjoyed designing my infographics. However, the hard bit was that I had to minimize the amount of words I put in them. It was challenging to put little amount of text because there were many informations but every time I put annotations, I couldn't put many words in because it made the readers confused. However, after making more infographics, I could see that I improved. In my first infographic, I got 26.5 out of 30(88.3%). In my second one, I got 27.5 out of 31(88.7%). In the most recent infographic, I got 100%. Overall, I am proud of the work I did.

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