Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Element Dating Reflection

For my Element Dating project, I introduced the element Sodium.

 (Basic profile of my element)

1. What did you do well?
2. What did you feel like you could have done better?
3. What core value do you feel that you demonstrated during this project?
4. Which core value do you feel that you could have done better on? 

     In my opinion, I think I did well in making the model, because my model showed the 3D movement of the electron which I put a lot of effort in. Also, when I was presenting the electron configuration, I represented the protons and neutrons to candies to attract more attention from the audience.
     I think I should have practiced more because when I was presenting, I found myself saying something different to what I was planning to say. I put more effort in the visuals than the presentation, which I think made the presentation less informative.
     I think I did well in being responsible, mostly because I kept all the deadlines except for the model, which had some confusion with Veracross. However, I feel that I could have done better on communication, as I said before, because my presentation did not go as I planned. It was because I didn't practice enough, but I think it was also because I was the first person to present from the few people that did in front of the whole class and I got nervous.

Picture of my atom model

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