Monday, September 29, 2014

This I Believe Final Draft

Hyejune Lee
Ms. Lewis
Humanities BL 1.6
29 September 2014

The Love Hidden in the Magic Lamp
Tenth grade, Korean. She has long, black hair that is straight at the top and is wavy at the bottom. Her name is Hyelin Lee. Can you guess who this is? She is my sister. She is a typical older sister: she reiterates that I am annoying, she is fussy, and most of all, she exploits me as if I am her servant. However, I had an extraordinary experience that I would probably never go through again in my life. After that experience, I believe in the hidden love of siblings.
This event starts about a year ago in Korea. The earsplitting sound of the ringing bells indicated that school ended, and my family rushed to the airport, full-speed, to take the plane to São Paulo. What happened, was that a few days before, my father found an email from Graded in his inbox, congratulating my sister for becoming its student. So, who would not be in a hurry when such an incredible invitation was handed to you from such a good school? Yet my school wasn't even decided then, and my mother insisted that it would be a waste of time to wait to get into a school. So if I couldn't, I would have to return to Korea. Just then, another email showed up, welcoming myself to St.Nicholas this time. This meant that I didn't have to get stuck in the uncomfortable, suffocating 27-hour-flight, again. Nevertheless, my mother was obligated to go back to Korea to pack our furnitures, or else our house would  be as empty as a desolate desert. When she left, it was as if the wheels were separated from a car. It was like a tiger had lost all of its menacing teeth. It was mission impossible.
We knew that my father would never be able to play the role as mother, for the only food he was able to cook was instant noodles, which you can't even call cooking. Even if he does cook, we would have to live with a repulsive smell of half-burnt food that spread from the kitchen, to the living room, to the corridor, to our rooms and finally, into our nostrils. We were all lost in a maze, when my sister stepped out and led us to the exit. She cooked a meal by herself for the first time in her life, washed the dishes, and even cleaned the house. Soon, I realized: although usually she looked indifferently towards me, she actually cared. In fact, when I didn't notice it, I started trusting and relying on her. Then, I realized that it was too much just for her, so I decided to roll up my sleeves. As a result, I could see smiles spreading on both of our faces. Furthermore, I felt the wall of conflicts and hatred between us was breaking down by a powerful punch from the love that has been living in seclusion inside a magic lamp and suddenly appeared like a Genie.
Of course, we still fight and argue. We still find each other annoying numerous times. We still aren't sisters in stories like The Little Women that would sacrifice for each other or anything like that. Yet, I believe that the Genie of our hidden love will visit us again someday. Not many siblings notice this because they haven't had an experience like us. Hence, I want to tell all siblings in the world that when you don't notice, you are all caring for each other. I believe in the hidden love of siblings, and I hope all of you with siblings will someday in the future as well.

          From the 6 summative assignments we had during the 1st quarter, I think the most recent one, which is This I Believe, was the most challenging project for me. My belief was based on my experience when my mother went to Korea for some business, leaving my older sister, my dad and me in Brazil.
          I think it was interesting how I could express my belief in a school project. Although the choice of the topic was quite challenging, after choosing my belief, it helped me to write my essay for it was my personal story and I knew it better than anyone else. Also, since it is my belief, I was more passionate about the project, even though I had to exaggerate in some parts. To get 5-6 on the writing, which is the "Criteria Mastered" column, the ideas have to be strongly stated and supported in details. Nothing should go off topic, including the personal story. Thoughts have to be well-organized, in first person point of view, and has to state a lesson learned after the experience. Lastly, the writing should be in MLA format, with no errors in language. I think I was able to achieve all this, because I got a 5 in writing and 6 for the video. It was a unique project, because I could express my thoughts and personal story freely, as I said before.
          I learned how events we go through in our life can form our beliefs. To be honest, after my experience, I wasn't thinking very deeply about the "hidden love of siblings", which I said was my belief, however that was only before this project. Looking back, I think I got to think deeply about my belief once again. Next time, I would add some more imagery to my writing, so that it can show rather than tell, which in my opinion it lacked of.

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