Monday, October 13, 2014

A Mask Just for Me

Picture of my identity mask

          For the first project of Art and Clay, we made an identity mask that represents ourselves. To briefly introduce mine, the bicycle at the very top represents that I like riding it, and the wheels are represented by the eyes, as well as the symbol in the Korean flag. (The mask is generally white because it is the background color of the Korean flag.) The piano on the right cheeks shows that I play this instrument, and the same for the flute under the lips. Lastly, the like button from Facebook represents that I like the color blue and I like playing ping-pong.
          Reflecting on this project, I enjoyed making the mask because it was my first project in Art and Clay, and I could learn many techniques that I didn't know before. Making an identity mask made me reflect and think more deeply about myself, too. Everything turned out like my plan, except I didn't have time to add earphones to represent that I like listening to music. Next time, I will try to work faster so that I can modify some other things, too. I think I was Responsible in this project, because I kept all the deadlines, otherwise finished the project after school too keep it. 

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