Friday, March 27, 2015

Reflecting on the Renaissance Fair

1. What was your group or solo “artifact” for the Fair?  Please detail your role in preparing this for the Fair… what specifically did YOU do (not just your group).  How well did your group work together?  How does this performance/activity reflect what you learned about the Renaissance?  In other words, explain the connection between what you created, and some aspects of the Renaissance.  
I performed a flute duet with Silvia, and we got some Renaissance songs from our Band class.  We also made new parts to some songs that didn't have a second part, so for some songs I played the melody and for some the back-up. Our performance could be connected to the development of music in the Renaissance, because we could find a variety of songs from the time period, especially from the composer Michael Praetorius.

2. What aspect of the whole Fair made you the most proud to be an 8th grader?  In other words, what specific things do you think went really well?  Why do you think those things went well?  
I think the banquet went well, because people enjoyed trying Renaissance food. Also, to be honest, I think the banquet was what made even the High school students to come to the Fair. However, most of all, all the 8th graders wore Renaissance costumes which made the Fair more like we were time traveling.

3. What are some specific suggestions to do differently next year?  Why do you think those things will improve the experience?  
I think next year the Fair should take place at a different time, because the Fair ended at 12 and that did not give us much time to clean up and change until we go to the next class.  Also, according to my sister, High school students could only come at their break time, so they could only stay there for a short time.  Also, the cards for our food should be a little bigger so that people can see it before considering to take the food, because many people asked me what kind of food this is if I was standing in front of it although I didn't make them.

4. Pick three words that come to mind to describe your whole experience with the Renaissance Fair… the words do not need to be connected in any phrase, just three words that you would use to describe what you thought about your experience.  
Exciting (people were excited for the food and different booths), Nervous (I was a little nervous before my performance), Successful (many people participated, not only Middle school but parents and High School)

5. Give yourself an overall score for the Renaissance Fair from 1 - 7 and discuss why you gave yourself that mark.

6, because Silvia and I made new parts to improve our performance quality in addition to practicing a lot.

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