Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Drawing Still Life

Formative Assessments

This was a drawing of a marionette to which its objective was to practice drawing from observations. As a result, I could focus on practicing to draw accurate lines and proportions. In the summative assessment, it helped me draw the outlines of objects in the composition, which were apples, grape and a vase.

These two drawings focused on shading: the left on drapes and the right on geometric solids. From this I could improve on shading with different tones. I also learned to use blenders and make outlines light so that the drawing could look more 3-Dimensional.

Summative Assessment
The summative assessment was to choose a point of view and section from the composition of objects. This put all the techniques I learned in class all together: line drawing, proportions, shading of solids and shading of drapes. From doing the Still Life Assessment, I learned to give contrast when shading to make the object pop up. When I drew the grapes, at first I didn't have a lot of contrast so the grapes looked like they were flat. However, when I gave contrast by shading the deeper parts darker, some of the grapes popped up and looked more 3D. Therefore this project definitely helped me understand the importance of contrast. Also, I learned that balance is very important as well: balanced composition is important, because if not the objects will not look like they are on the same surface, but floating around. On the other hand, I think I still have to improve in using space, because I think I started out too zoomed in, so the space of the paper was limited which only allowed me to draw little parts, for example the vase and the apple in the corner. Also, I could only draw a part of the folds on the drapes which made it unclear.

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  1. Great post, Hyejune!
    Your formative drawing comments show a good understanding of the objectives of the assignments and illustrates your improvement quite well.
    Your final drawing, the still life, shows a better understanding of shading but as you mentioned on your post, the use of space could be better explored in order to show more elements on the composition. However, you may still balance this composition by adding more contrast on the fruits on the right side of the paper and bring more attention to this area creating a focal point there. What do you think?
    Also, it would be nice to change the picture of your still life as the reflection on the glass affects the drawing.