Friday, October 2, 2015

Charcoal Drawing

This was my first practice using charcoal, so it was an introduction to using charcoal. Since I never used charcoal before, I got to know how it feels like to draw with it. I noticed that it was a lot darker than pencil. Also, it was harder to use because charcoal is very thick, and hard to erase. However, it was an opportunity to get to know charcoal, which obviously helped me in the summative project, which was completely charcoal drawing.

This was my second practice for charcoal. In this practice I drew my partner. The objective was to draw by observations (real life). I found this quite challenging because my partner had to move, especially her arm, because we were drawing each other at the same time. Also, we had to be in the same position for a long time so our arms started hurting, and we had to move. However, I could practice drawing the face of a person, which helped me in the summative piece.

This was my last practice for my final summative piece. This practice was drawing by observing a photo. This was much easier than the previous practice, because the subject I was drawing was still. This helped me in the summative because my drew it looking at a photo, so this was a good practice for it. Also, I could practice using white charcoal, which I was unfamiliar with.


Summative Assessment

This was my final drawing. We chose a picture to observe and draw, in which we combined everything we learned about charcoal drawing: shading, observing, drawing faces, etc. From this I learned how to draw details from charcoal, because I was able to use charcoal pencil. This really helped me understand the important of contrast in shading because I had to decide whether to use black or white charcoal, and there were many folds in the picture I chose, which meant that I had to use shade effectively to make the drawing look 3D. I think I did fine in doing the shades, but maybe I could make the contrast more obvious. Also, I think I should still improve on using the white charcoal, because I am not that familiar with it yet, and some part that I used white charcoal look somewhat separate from the other parts. Something else I think I should improve on is drawing the face, because it looks very different to the original picture. However, I think I did well in observing the photo and drawing the outlines.


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  1. Dear Hyejune,
    You did show a lot of improvement using charcoal and we can easily see the on the formative pictures you posted here. Your last formative practice with charcoal is really good and you were able to capture the emotion of the facial expressions! Well done!
    On your summative drawing, you were very cautious when shading and I agree with you that you could have added a bit more contrast. The arms are really good and show volume with the folds of the fabric and darker values.
    The drawing is very good and the use of the white charcoal works to highlight some areas.
    Well done!