Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Final Drawing

For my final drawing, I chose to draw with pencil because I enjoyed using this tool for drawing (and most familiar with it), but also because I thought it would go well with the composition that I chose. I am satisfied with my result because I tried something new. All the drawings I did this semester were observational drawing, so at first it was quite challenging to create a composition. However, now I learned to draw a composition that represents my thinking instead of what I see. Still, I would try to use some charcoal as well next time (and if I had more time) because at the moment my drawing is very light since I only used pencil.
Overall, reflecting on the semester as a whole, I really learned a lot of things about drawing because I got to use tools I never used before. I did take art classes before, but they taught art in general. It was my first time taking a class that only focuses on drawing. The formatives also helped me improve in using the tools. I also learned a lot about compositions and contrasts and could improve on them.

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