Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Practical Problem Activity

For this activity we connected a string to a protractor and hung an object with a mass at the end of the string so that when we tilt the protractor the string goes through an angle of elevation. Then we went outside, put the protractor at eye level and looked up at a certain height so that we figured out the distance from the base of the building and angle of elevation, and calculate the height of building using trigonometry. For our team, Isabella, who is 168cm to eye level, looked up at the building at 41 degrees 500cm away from the building. So, we concluded that the building was 605cm tall. However, the actual height of the building was 762cm, therefore the angle we should have gotten was 49.9 degrees, which means we were 8.9 degrees off. I was very surprised by the result because the difference of the actual answer and our answer was much larger than I thought.

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